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Criss Pontiac Parts

Criss Pontiac Parts logo Criss Pontiac Parts provides another option for the Pontiac consumer looking for Pontiac parts on the internet.   They have the best selection of traditional Pontiac parts available.   They have a select group of custom manufactures that includes Kauffman Racing Equipment ,Tin Indian Performance and Kauffman Performance along with a large selection of commercial suppliers.    They can supply you with the parts to completely build your 40+ year old Pontiac engine with new state of the art parts using no original parts or you can purchase what you need for your stock Pontiac block build from them as well.   They can also guide you through a complete engine build using either Kauffman Racing Equipment or Tin Indian Performance.    You can give them a call at 330-466-5621 or they can be reached by email at which they normally check daily.   Check them out on the web at: