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Tin Indian Performance Pro Class

Sponsored by Tin Indian Performance
Glen Sedig 1969 Pontiac GP

Come and see Firebirds, Catalinas, & GTOs bracket race in the Tin Indian Performance Pontiac PRO Class on June 10th and 11th at the Pontiac US Nationals! Pontiacs of all shapes and sizes will be racing for cash and prizes at Beech Bend Raceway!

Class rules:

  • 0 to 14.99 dial- in
  • No delay boxes, No throttle stops & air throttles, No electronics
  • Trans-brakes, 2-steps & air shifters is allowed, a high side chip on stick shift cars is allowed.
  • Any fuel – no limits or restriction
  • must run traditional Pontiac Body

Racing will be done on a .500 bracket tree
Cars will display the class PRO on their windshield

Award / Payout:

  • Win $600, R/U $300, Semi $50
  • Trophy will we awarded to the winner

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