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Outlaw Pontiac Street Heads Up Drag Race

New Race Class for the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals – Outlaw Pontiac Street Heads Up!

Sponsored by Kauffman Racing Equipment

Pontiac US Nationals 2015 Outlaw Pontiac Street Heads Up

Do you think you have a fast “street” Pontiac – well bring it to the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals and lets just see!

Come and see the QUICKEST & FASTEST  Pontiac STREET cars in the world mix it up in heads up Pontiac drag racing on June 10th and 11th at the Pontiac US Nationals!

This is a run what you brung and hope you brung enough heads up class!

Class rules:

  • Car must have headlights, & tail lights
  • Car must have a license plate
  • Any Power Adder – no limits or restrictions
  • Any fuel – no limits or restriction
  • Any Chassis
  • Car must retain stock steel roof and rear quarter panels
  • Must run traditional Pontiac V-8 engine with 4.620 block bore spacing & Pontiac Body

Racing will be done on a .400 Pro tree and the first one to the end wins

Heads up qualifying:

  • There will be 2 qualifying runs on Friday. 1 on Saturday
  • Cars will display the class OPS on their windshield
  • $20 entry fee – must purchase regular race entry

Eliminations / pairings:

  • Pairings will #1 qualifier vs #4 and #2 vs #3 qualifier.
  • Lane choice for for subsequent rounds will be determined by best ET and then MPH.
  • Eliminations will be the quickest 4 qualified cars – 4 car field

Award / Payout:

  • Trophy will we awarded to the winner along with the bragging rights of being “The Baddest Pontiac Street car on the Planet”
  • A full feature article will be done on the car and driver for the fastest . Pontiacs . ever website
  • Payout – $2,000.00 to the winner – winner take all class!¬† Sponsored by Kauffman Racing Equipment

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