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2016 Pontiac US Nationals Drag Race Winners


Drag Racing results for the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals

TIP Digger launch 2016 PUSN

Do to many unforeseen circumstances, only one of the Elite 10 members made it to the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals.  Both the Butlers and Mellott stated they were not ready.  The Kauffman’s had a car get lose in the trailer and it suffered substantial damage.   Kevin Swaney and the Tin Indian Performance Dragster, the #9 car on the fastest . Pontiacs . ever Elite 10 list, would end up in the bitter sweet position of having the quickest car on the property but no one to race.   Swaney ended up giving the keys and the driving duties of the Tin Indian Performance Digger to Jeff Kauffman of Kauffman Racing Equipment so he could concentrate on running the event.  This resulted in the TIP Digger only making exhibition passes for the duration of the event.   Swaney stated that “the car definately liked the new gear change” as the Tin Indian Performance rail hiked the tires VERY high and hard on all 4 passes with very low 1.0 second 60′ times.  The TIP Digger ran a best of 7.02 @ 172 mph – lifting at 1000 feet!


2016 Friday Night Gamblers Race


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JR Kilpatrick won the NO BOX Gamblers Race Friday night- Way to go JR!

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Chris Estep won the BOX Gamblers Race – Way to go Chris!

Saturday Eliminations

2016 Drag Race 1

We had beautiful weather all weekend.  Other than being hot, we could not have asked for better weather.  On Saturday there was a mild breeze which really helped keep the temps in check.  While the car count was not as high as we hoped it would be the quality of the cars was exceptional.   As promised, the payouts were guaranteed!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Kauffman Performance Street Class

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The finals of the Street Class Saw Don Heikes from Kettering, Ohio lining up against the youngster Ronnie Beach III from Troy, IL.  The kid was on a mission this year destroying all of his competition.  The only elimination round that he ran his car out the back door was in a single / bye run he made in the semis!  Ronnie took the stripe in the finals running a 12.022 on a 11.99 dial in at 101.93 mph.

Congratulations Ronnie Beach III from Troy, IL – 2016 Pontiac US Nationals Street Champion

Tin Indian Performance Pro Class

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The finals of the Pro class saw Randy Barlow from Gordon, GA in his 1987 Firebird lining up against Kentucky native, Marvin Poole in his 2004 GTO.  Marvin’s car was VERY consistent over the course of the weekend and he ended up taking the strip by running a 11.312 on a 11.20 dial @ 100.85 – yes Marvin was WAY out front on that win!

Congratulations Marvin Poole from Rochester, KY – 2016 Pontiac US Nationals Pro Champion

fastest . Pontiacs . Ever Super Pro Class

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The finals of Super Pro saw Tim Betts from Coldwater, MS in his ’92 Firebired lining up against James Costello in his ’68 Firebird.  James cut a .005 light and he ran a 9.938 @ 136.40 on a 9.92 dial in

Congratulation to James Costello from Carlinville, IL – 2016 Pontiac US Nationals Super Pro Champion

Kauffman Racing Equipment Outlaw  Pontiac Street Class

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We were quite surprised that we had only 3 cars trying to quality for our new Outlaw Pontiac Street Class.  Being the HIGHEST payout of ANY Pontiac specific drag race EVER, $2,000 winner take all, we thought that might get more than a  few people stirred up….  We had 3 Cars qualified in a 4 car field.  Roger Ibotson in his blown ’69 GTO, Rick Watters and his ’67 Firebird and Dick Fulton and his ’69 Firebird.  Ibotson had some mechanical trouble and it ended up being Fulton and Waters final.  Dick Fulton was leagues ahead of everyone on this weekend winning the class by running 7.811 @ 177.81 mph in our heads up pro tree Class

Congratulations Dick Fulton from Crystal, MN -2016 Outlaw Pontiac Street Heads Up Champion